Smart Growth and Sustainable Development

registering feb 23 2018Smart Growth and Sustainable Development

Ten years ago, the Baltimore County Council released the Baltimore County 2020 Master Plan, a roadmap for how to increase jobs, housing, opportunities and tax revenue in Baltimore County through smart growth and sustainable development. Its guiding principle was compact, mixed-use, walkable design, consistent with the existing character of our community.

Over the following years, the principles laid out in this plan have been too often ignored or sidestepped, to the detriment of our communities. Developers have wrangled special deals and exceptions to the rules. As a small-business owner, Colleen understands the importance of smart development and the role that small business plays in it. As a councilwoman, Colleen will advocate for smart growth principles that can help redevelop our ailing commercial corridors, with new growth and mass transit hubs near job centers. She will advocate for increased resources for small business development and toward regulatory fairness for all businesses in our community.

The county council already recognizes that there is a shortage of affordable housing units in the county and in 2016 signed a groundbreaking plan to dismantle decades of discriminatory housing policies. Colleen will support this HUD Conciliation Agreement and work to ensure that new residential developments increase the affordable housing stock in the county.