Preserving Our Rural and Green Space


Colleen grew up on a farm and as a longtime District 3 resident has enjoyed the benefits of Baltimore County’s green spaces for over twenty years. She understands the importance of preserving our rural lands and is committed to ensuring that our vital green spaces remain green.

That’s why she will work to protect and promote the Urban Rural Demarcation Line (URDL). Fifty years ago, the county’s Planning Board followed the prescient advice of the Valleys Planning Council and took action against uncontrolled growth, restricting new development to already populated areas south of the URDL while protecting the rural, green valleys to its north. Today, the “striking success story” of the URDL continues to protect two-thirds of the county’s land mass, preserving it for rural uses, allowing Baltimore County residents to enjoy the beauty of the countryside while remaining close to urban conveniences.

Read more about Colleen’s vision for how we can reduce waste, prevent flooding, and check out her Baltimore Sun op-ed, “Forget the Trade War, China Won’t Take Our Plastics Anymore.”