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21st Century Education

As both a parent and as a long-time educator, Colleen understands the challenges and potential of our youth and our schools. Read more about her plan for 21st-century schools and for incorporating the energy and ideas of our young people to enhance the civic engagement of their families and communities.

Securing a Green Future

Colleen knows that balancing growth with conservation will be key to securing the healthy, environmentally sustainable future that Baltimore County residents deserve. Colleen has a vision on how we can build an effective public transportation system and plug in our cars to promote green energy and improve the quality of the air we breathe.

Protecting our environment also means fresh ideas on how we can minimize the negative impact of our waste, acting now to prevent dangerous flooding of the kind that overwhelmed Ellicott City and Catonsville, and continuing to preserve our beautiful and critical rural and green spaces. Read about Colleen’s vision for how we can reduce waste, prevent flooding, and continue to preserve our rural land, and check out her Baltimore Sun op-ed, “Forget the Trade War, China Won’t Take Our Plastics Anymore.”

Transparent and Honest Government

Baltimore County residents deserve a representative that understands and responds to their concerns in a timely and effective manner. Read about Colleen’s plan to ensure transparency and honesty in government. And check out her Baltimore Sun op-ed, “Does Sinclair Really Need a Handout from Md Taxpayers?”

Improving Our Quality of Life

Colleen is committed to ensuring that all of our Baltimore County neighborhoods are stable, healthy, and affordable. Read more about her vision for improving our quality of life by tackling the opioid crisis, the decline in home ownership, and inefficient public transit and empowering our seniors. And check our her Baltimore Sun op-ed, “Design Baltimore County’s Streets for People, Not Just Vehicles, To Make Everyone Safer.”