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Transparent and Responsive Government

The people of Baltimore County deserve a representative who understands and is responsive to their concerns. Find out about Colleen’s commitment to a government that listens. 

Getting Big Money out of Politics

As a small business owner and long-time resident, Colleen understands the importance of getting big money out of politics. Learn why she thinks Baltimore County should follow the path set by Montgomery and Howard Counties.

21st Century Schools

Spending on public schools in Maryland has been flat since 2008, leading to underpaid teachers and overcrowded schools across Baltimore County. As an educator and a parent, Colleen knows what this means for our kids–and how we can do better.

Addressing the Opioid Crisis

In just the first nine months of last year, 238 Baltimore County residents died of opioid related causes–the second highest death toll in Maryland. Find out how Colleen proposes to tackle this crisis.

Smart Growth and Sustainable Development

As a small-business owner, Colleen understands the importance of smart development and the role that small business plays in it. Read more about her plan to revitalize Baltimore County’s ailing commercial corridors.

Building an Effective Public Transit System

Baltimore County’s public transportation system serves neither the community nor local business. Read about Colleen’s vision for an effective public transit system

Clean Energy Now

Read about Colleen’s plan for how Baltimore County and the state of Maryland can become both attractive for businesses, sources for good high-paying jobs and a model for how to thrive in our rapidly warming world