EMPOWERING SENIORSBaltimore County is home to over 140,000 residents who are 65 and older. Our senior residents have contributed to our communities through decades of employment, raising families, and strengthening their neighborhoods. Today, our senior residents continue to enrich our lives through work, volunteerism, by learning new skills, sharing their insights, caring for the next generation, and staying actively involved in the democratic process.

With every stage in the life cycle, our needs change and local government must implement policies that address residents’ changing needs as they age to ensure a healthy, socially connected, and opportunity-rich quality of life. For our senior residents, that means ensuring all have easy access to healthcare and medications, appropriate transportation options, affordable housing, healthy food, and opportunities to connect socially with others in the community and beyond.

Baltimore County offers a variety of services for our seniors, from nursing support to grants for medically necessary travel–but there’s much more that the county can and should do.

What can we do?

  • Conduct listening sessions at senior apartment buildings and retirement homes. As Councilwoman, Colleen will schedule periodic meetings at senior residents and retirement homes across the county to gain direct input from our senior neighbors regarding their needs and perspectives.
  • Support the Towson Circulator, a free T-shaped shuttle bus system, ensuring that its routes include senior residences. Read more about Colleen’s plan for an effective public transit system in Baltimore County.
  • Encourage pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods, providing safe walking paths in areas that connect senior residences to shopping centers and grocery stores. Read more about Colleen’s vision for pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods.
  • Establish partnerships between high Schools, universities and senior centers. An experienced leader in service-learning programs, Colleen will advocate for inter-generational programs through which young people can support our seniors by providing rides to appointments or shopping centers, helping with paperwork, and connecting socially.  Establishing relationships between our youth and our seniors is a win-win-win–for our young people, our seniors, and the entire community. Read more about Colleen’s plan to empower young people across the county.
  • Pass the HOME Act, outlawing discrimination against people with rent vouchers. Two-thirds of residents who use rent vouchers are seniors and people with disabilities, and yet Baltimore County continues to allow property owners to discriminate against people with such vouchers. That’s why Colleen supports the HOME Act, which ensures that new developments offer affordable housing to all, regardless of their source of income. Read more about Colleen’s plan to improve access to affordable homes.