Endorsed by Baltimore Washington Laborers’ District Council (LiUNA)!

LiUNA endorsement

The Baltimore Washington Laborers’ District Council, an affiliate of the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LiUNA), represents more than 7,000 LiUNA members who live and work in the Baltimore-Washington region. I am so honored to have received their endorsement.

“We are looking for people who understand that building Baltimore County’s middle class is good for Baltimore County’s economy,” the council’s David Allison said. When the county launches development projects, it should ensure that “local construction workers make family-sustaining wages with healthcare and retirement benefits,” he said. “The candidates for Baltimore County Council we have endorsed for election or re-election today are part of that effort.”

Indeed, we are. I believe every worker in this county and across the state deserves a living wage and benefits. Thank you LiUNA!


Endorsed by Teachers Association of Baltimore County (TABCO)!

TABCO endorsement

TABCO, the Teachers Association of Baltimore County, represents thousands of teachers across the state and advocates for equity and excellence in our public schools. Their work is critical to ensuring that every child in Baltimore County has access to a 21st-century education, which is one of my top priorities. As a long-time educator and a life-long advocate for workers’ rights, I am thrilled to have their endorsement. Thank you, TABCO, for your support and for all of your good work!



Endorsed by Progressive Maryland!

Progressive Maryland endorsement thank youProgressive Maryland is a state-wide grassroots advocacy group that works with hundreds of community, religious, labor and other allies to build support for progressive legislation, including for transparency in policing, fair elections, and environmental justice, among other issues.

Like me, Progressive Maryland believes that no one should work full time and still be in poverty in Baltimore County, in the state of Maryland, or anywhere else in our country. They are a key leader in the growing Fight for $15 movement, supported by unions and already signed into law by Montgomery County. This campaign for a $15 minimum wage would ensure a living wage for all full-time workers, and would especially benefit women, people of color and workers over the age of 40.

I am honored to have their endorsement.