Addressing the Opioid Crisis

Colleen w fam 01Addressing the Opioid Crisis

Baltimore County is in the midst of an opioid epidemic that has led to the death of thousands of our neighbors. In just the first nine months of last year, 238 Baltimore County residents died of opioid related causes–the second highest death toll in Maryland.

Colleen understands that this crisis is urgent and requires committed leadership. And yet, even while the epidemic rages, the facilities that our neighbors need are closing. Baltimore County has fewer treatment slots than four years ago. Baltimore County’s Behavioral Health Advisory Council, established in part to address this scourge, has half a dozen vacancies.

As Councilwoman, Colleen will work to turn this around.

She will advocate for more resources to provide treatment on demand throughout Baltimore County, for the full staffing of the advisory council, and will work to address those regulations that make it harder to provide care to those who need it. And she will build stronger partnerships with substance-abuse providers, the recovery community, and law enforcement agencies, to ensure that they can provide help to all who need it.