My Baltimore Sun Op-Eds

My op-ed in the Baltimore Sun: “Design Baltimore County Streets for People, Not Just Vehicles”


FromDesign Baltimore County Streets for People, Not Just Vehicles, To Make Everyone Safer,” by Colleen Ebacher

Baltimore Sun, August 8, 2018

On a late July morning, an out-of-control SUV speeding down Girdwood Road in Lutherville veered off the road and onto the sidewalk, careening into the bodies of an intensive-care nurse and her 5-year-old granddaughter out for a morning walk, killing both.

This tragedy was no anomaly. Just 10 hours after the out-of-control SUV killed two on Girdwood road, a WJZ reporter witnessed another out-of-control car hopping the median and driving over a sign, at the exact same location. In the past year alone, nine car accidents have been reported along this one-mile stretch of road. Long-time neighbors know that Girdwood, despite being steps from two public schools is “a dangerous street,” as one said. They regularly hear the sound of speeding cars crashing into the trees lining the road and launching off the speed bump.

For too long, our streets have been designed primarily for cars, not people. They are used by drivers to speed through on their way to someplace else. The entire community suffers as a result. Accidents, often serious and even fatal, increase. Parents are afraid to let their children walk to school or play outside, and neighbors feel unsafe lingering on the corner to chat. Residents retreat indoors. As the streets empty out, the less secure they feel.

Read more at The Baltimore Sun.

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